The things in life always seems to come in waves. Sometimes the waves are so small that they are practically impossible to see. Things seems to come to you without any or much trouble. The mood is high and life seems… easy. You wonder why even the most trivial things were so difficult and unmanageable before, because now… now they’re so unimportant. The quarrels and drama doesn’t mean anything anymore, because in reality they are not important. And then there are the stormy days, where the waves go high. The mood is just as dark as the clouds, and even small things can make you loose your temper; there’s a loud sound from the thunder, which has been crackling in the air. All problems, all the ills and the misery seems as if it comes not stumbling upon you, but is thrown directly at you. It is as if, you are carrying the problems of the entire world on your shoulders – including your own.

The so-called good and bad news, things and experiences seems to be coming at you in a bundle. It’s as if the world have decided that “oh, things are going well for you? Here’s some more!” or the opposite: “Oh, so you already have problems with this and that? Here’s some more for you to worry about! Enjoy!” And in the same way – as a pure coincidence – that a blog, I follow, just came out with a post, which more or less revolves around the same subject that I today had planned to write. A coincidence? A stroke of luck? Well, maybe. Or maybe it’s yet again one of the world’s crazy fabrications where everything seems to be coming together in waves.

Can it really be true that the “good, nice” periods of one’s life always have to be followed by a period where one’s world seems to ramble down around you? Maybe, maybe not. We can after all not control all the things that happen around us. We can’t control what other people do, even though we all the time affect each other in both positive and negative ways. But what we can change is our attitude and view upon things, when the waves run high. We can learn not to let everything get so close to us, so near to us, and not to take the sorrows in advance. We can learn that we can spend our energy otherwise and better than by pointlessly complaining (that is complaining without seeking a solution on the given obstacle), and we can learn to react differently, so that we can still see the frail light shine, even in the darkest periods in our life. We can get through the storm knowingly that on the other side, the waters are calm. That the sun’s rays will warm us once again and brighten up our life.



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